Social Facilities

Our Special Know-how for You

For more than 30 years, Dr. Schmidt-Wilke + Partner have been consulting retirement homes, nursing homes, facilities for persons with disabilities, out-patient services and clinics, understanding exactly the need of such social facilities and what support they want.

Use our expertise in calculation and negotiation of:

  • Nursing rates pursuant to SGB XI (Sozialgesetzbuch - German Social Security Statute Book)
  • IInvestment follow-up costs pursuant to  SGB XII

starting at determination of the calculation basics down to representation in arbitration procedures.

  • Drawing up site analyses for retirement homes and nursing homes regarding the competitive situation, compensation structure and demand structure
  • Support in purchasing and selling facilities
  • Financial accounting and generation of annual financial statements under consideration of the requirements of the nursing accounting regulation (Pflegebuchführungsverordnung)
  • Tax consulting on the special features of social facilities
  • Consulting on non-profit activities and association law

Your contact is Mr Dipl.-Ök. Mikis Kramer (The Expert Team)


Associations, Foundations, Non-Profit – Special Know-how is needed

Tax law on associations and foundations is complex: accounting and statements have many special features to consider, formal requirements must be complied with, audits take place with increasing frequency– it's always paying off for the tax offices. Many new provisions must be considered; donation law, sponsoring, liability of the directors, documentation obligations on non-profit activities, required changes to the by-laws, etc.

With our comprehensive know-how and long-term experience in this special area, we will be at your side for the following tasks, among others:

  • Solutions for and development of tax and legal situations
  • Accounting and payroll accounting
  • Dealing with the tax office
  • Continuous tax optimisation
  • Generation and auditing of your annual financial statements

Use our special competence and special know-how on associations, foundations and GmbHs. Our consultation for you is up-to-date and future-proof.